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Dr. JIN Jian of Purdue University Visit BEFS

Date:2018-10-22 | Visitcount:2523

On the evening of October 19, Dr. JIN Jian from Purdue University visited BEFS and delivered a lecture entitled Purdue's New Sensors, Facilities and Software Technologies for Improved Plant Phenotyping Quality”. The event was host by research professor CEN Haiyan.


At the beginning of the lecture, Dr. JIN Jian gave a brief introduction of the plant phenotype technology. He pointed out that in the past 20 years, with the application of automation, machine vision and robotics, high-pass, precise and efficient plant phenotypic detection technology has been developing rapidly. Dr. JIN Jian showed an automated greenhouse-type high-pass plant phenotypic platform built by Department of Agriculture of Purdue University, which allows plants to flow on conveyor belts, enabling non-fixed plant growth and minimizing environmental disturbances. Dr. Jin Jian's team also developed a handheld plant phonograph.




Dr. JIN Jian demonstrated the obstacles and challenges in related research fields. He encourages students to work harder to contribute to intelligent agriculture in the future.


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