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Dr. Shaoqing Cui Gave the Report Named “Bio-products, Innovative Technology and Sustainability” Online

Date:2020-07-12 | Visitcount:58

Due to the prevention and control measures of COVID-19, College of Biosystems engineering and Food Science host a series of online reports to promote the international communication. On the 10th of July, 2020, Dr. Shaoqing Cui, an assistant professor in the Center for Renewable Carbon at the University of Tennessee, gave an academic report entitled “Bio-products, Innovative Technology and Sustainability”. The event was host by associate professor Zhenbo Wei.

Dr. Cui’ s research experience covered (1) bio-materials and bio-products derived from renewable carbon, and (2) sensing materials for gas sensor, publishing over 30 articles, presentations and book chapters. The report included research work, a brief introduction of the University of Tennessee (UT) and UT Institute of Agriculture (UTIA), life for international students as well.

The increased production of plastics made people rethink about creating new innovative approaches to produce biodegradable bio-plastics from renewable feedstocks. Dr. Cui researched on a sustainable platform of CO2 to develop new bio-based plastics which aimed at addressing plastic pollution issues. Materials for sensor was her another research direction. To short summary, transforming bio-products or waste to high-value bio-products and bio-materials through novel technology platforms was Dr. Cui’ s long-term goal. Dr. Cui also pointed out that bio-based polyurethane products and bio-chemicals as well as bio-based plastic products could finally be applied again to agriculture and industry.

Apart from research work, Dr. Cui introduced the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the location of UT, and UTIA with Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science and Department of Food Science, which left the roughly impression about the University of Tennessee to students. At last, Dr. Cui shared some research tips to students. “Do not afraid of changing yourself. Sometimes changes are chances.” Dr. Cui said. Sharp ideas, professional skills and collaboration were needed when you carried out your research.

After report, Dr. Cui had a communication and interaction with students regarding questions on effects by COVID-19 towards students who wanted studying abroad, the differences between renewable materials and bio-materials, and development prospect about bio-products and bio-based energy. Students all showed gratitude to Dr. Cui’ s sharing and helping them learn more.

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