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RuralHuman(巴萨球迷):梅西最后时刻的进球,看得我都羞射了…(I’m creaming my pants now seeing Messi’s last minute goals…)

JuanG12(巴萨球迷):在欧冠罗马又打不过,也就只有拿拿国内双冠,才能维持的了生活这样子。(after defeated by Rome it’s vital for us to win domestic double.)

Tribolo(不莱梅球迷):都说德甲、意甲和法甲是一家独大,其实巴萨在过去10年里赢得的联赛冠军数(7次)和拜仁、尤文是一样的,而且比巴黎还多2次…(They say Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1 are all one horse league, actually Barca has won 7 league titles in the last 10 years and it is the same as Bayern and Juve, while PSG is 5.)


ColonelSpeckleberry(狼队球迷):鸟叔换上费莱尼的本意,其实是想送给教授一个赢球的机会,结果没想到这帅逼竟然进球了…(Mou was about to give a win to Wenger by Fellaini, but this cool cunt just killed the game…)

TheLifeofSonny(曼联球迷):如果你被劫持为人质,而你的生死将取决于瓦伦西亚能否传出威胁球,那么...你打算在墓志铭上写些什么好呢?(If you were being held hostage and your life depended on Valencia making a threatening cross, what would you have written on your tombstone?)

GooTattoo(未知主队球迷):曼联最擅长给中锋传球的,竟然是中锋卢卡库自己…(the only man in mu who can give a cross is the center forward himself…)

Tedmontan(曼联球迷):我魔本赛季能率先进球的比赛结果是30战全胜!(Uniteds record after scoring the first goal in a match this season is all win.)

VillianOfAsto(维拉球迷):你魔还是不行啊,你看那些没进球的比赛,竟然一场都没赢!(You cunt even cannot win a single game without a goal.)


Red-Tom(利物浦球迷):对于这精彩集锦都比我丁丁还短的比赛,我真是无话可说。(Nothing to say about the game when the match events is smaller than my penis.)

Cyberglace7(曼城球迷):利物浦应该就是最擅长冰火两重天的球队了吧!(Liverpool have to be the most hot and cold team ever.)

Ushited(利物浦球迷):能在欧冠半决赛赢5-2,却接连打平联赛第20和第19的球队,找谁说理去…(Win a CL semifinal 5-2 and last 2 league games we've drawn against the 20th and 19th placed teams. Fucking hell.)

The_Scar_Of_Zooch(曼联球迷):我们距离亚军奖杯越来越近啦!(Our 2nd place trophy edges closer.)


Scatter12(AC米兰球迷):相比于领先3球,现在意大利球队更愿意落后3球了!(Italy teams prefer a 3 goal behind rather than a lead now.)

G3nzo(巴勒斯坦球迷):我见证了萨拉赫就是真主的使者!(ٱلله وَأَشْهَدُ أَنَّ صلاح رَسُولُ ٱلله)

Kaoussi(巴萨球迷):我要举报!利物浦把欧冠里正版的梅西给偷走了!(I will call the police that Liverpool stole the real Messi in CL.)

Lionnyc(纽约城球迷):罗马的战术就是通过不断丢球来让萨拉赫被替换下场休息,然后就可以开始逆转了!(Roma's game plan: Give up enough goals to get Salah substituted, then start the comeback.)

Mikezomfg(热刺球迷):就算罗马又晋级了,可决赛就只有一回合了啊!(even if roma gets through, theres no 2nd leg in the final so they're screwed)

TheMediumPanda(英格兰球迷):中场哨声想起,两队好像都很不满意…(Final whistle and both teams and fans look pretty gutted. Weird.)

Lorduzair(曼城球迷):现在5-0的领先已经是最危险的了么?(A 5-0 lead is the most dangerous lead?)

Bears-Eat(多特蒙德球迷):感觉两队好像踢了一场5-2的平局一样…(So this is what a 5-2 draw feels like.)

usamafaisal98(巴萨球迷):感觉罗马基本要凉了,他们上次落后3球再逆转是啥时候啊?(I don't see Roma recovering from a 3 goal lead. When's last time they did that?)

Anakmager(切尔西球迷):要是罗马再能逆转,我就…要用母狼的乳汁来喂养我的孩子了!(if Roma overcomes this I will let wolves raise my kids.)



RogerXiao(中国球迷):输了比赛的球队,将被剥夺在reddit上一个月的呼吸权!(Losers will have nowhere to breathe on r/soccer for a month.)

GameplayerStu(西汉姆联球迷):齐玄宗的玄学又开始发威了…(Zidane with his black magic again.)

Gkkiller(巴萨球迷):为了保持玄学的功力,齐祖都把自己的秀发献祭了!(Zidane sacrificed his hair for the knowledge of black magic.)

ProfnlProcrastinator(未知主队球迷):马塞洛抚摸着罗本的光头来祈福,好像很奏效!(Marcello rubbing Robbens head for good luck. It certainly worked.)

innatiRealMikeHawk(辛辛那提球迷):我听着ESPN的解说,怎么90%的内容都是“拜仁错失良机”,这评述员是只解说一支球队么…(90% of my ESPN app is just "attempt missed" by Bayern... Has it really been that one sided?

Horaff(斯图加特球迷):欧冠联赛不过是22个球员在踢球,而最终皇马夺得冠军的游戏而已!(Champions League is a simple competition to predict, 22 men kick a ball and in the end Real Madrid wins.)

GerthK(拜仁球迷):我们成为了皇马的专属阿森纳了么…(Are we their Arsenal?)

Silver_Dynamo(巴萨球迷):看了这场比赛,我已经相信上帝是皇马球迷了…(This match makes me believe that God likes Madrid.)

I_travel_for_work(拜仁球迷):想象一下球队现在最健康的边锋已经35岁,而他本身受伤就已经很频繁了…(Imagine your most consistent healthy winger is a 35 year old. Who is also injured very frequently.)

Redchilli007(沃特福德球迷):拜仁很成功地限制住了C罗,但却忘了防守左路的拉菲尼亚...(Bayern managed to keep Ronaldo out of the game but left Rafinha unmarked.)

MinhDelSol(皇马球迷):拉菲就是我皇继马塞洛之后的最佳左后卫!(Best Madrid LB since Marcelo.)

george_regann(曼联球迷):每次皇马一丢球,我就要担心一波德赫亚…(Every time madrid concede I fear for de gea.)

Toasterfire(利物浦球迷):真要这样,我自费送你们一台传真机!(I'll pay for a new fax machine for you if so.)


ArjenRobbenGOAT(拜仁球迷):至少还有另一支球队也在欧战半决赛里被马德里球队摩擦了…(At least someone else has also completely bottled a semi final against Madrid...)

TheAuth0r(里昂球迷):现在都没人看威尔希尔了,但我还是觉得他被高看了!(Wilshere is not really rated anymore but he's still overrated.)

KudosGamer(未知主队球迷):本场控球率:阿森纳90%,奥布拉克10%。(Possession: Arsenal 90% v Oblak 10%.)

Protrudingnipples(未知主队球迷):下场客战马竞,对阿森纳来说简直就是用勺子在水泥地上挖洞一样困难了…(The 2nd leg will be like watching arsenal carve a hole into concrete with a spoon.)

Waguann(阿森纳球迷):23脚射门,72%的控球率,竟然只进了一个球…(23 shots... 72% possession, 1 goal.)

zts105(马竞球迷):其实巴萨每次和我们踢比赛都差不多这数据…(to be fair that's what Barca get every time we play them.)

The_MartianManhunter(巴萨球迷):但是巴萨还是能赢球啊,当然欧冠的时候除外…(But Barcelona actually win except when its the CL...)


Elgrandorado(未知主队球迷):球场上的国米球员拼了命地战斗,而斯帕莱蒂却把联赛冠军拱手献给了死敌。(Spalleti doing his best to hand their rival the title after his players were going to die on the field to stop them.)

Iloveopshit(拜仁球迷):那不勒斯球迷看得都要心脏病突发了…(Napoli fans on heart attack watch.)

Mooncherrys(国米球迷):其实心脏病突发的是我们国米球迷,毕竟这是我们在2010年后第一次参与联赛冠军的争夺战…(Please. inter on heart attack watch. This was our first time being relevant in scudetto since 2010…)

DarkSofter(曼联球迷):尤文这是咋了,感觉10打11的不是国米而是他们…(Havent seen a more weird juve in ages. Its like they are playing with 10, not inter.)

Anksucks(阿森纳球迷):阿森纳球迷表示不敢说话…(I had better be quiet now.)


Endofautumn(西汉姆联球迷):我们得学学曼城的战术,传球得传给和你穿同样衣服的球员!这一招看起来很奏效啊!(I really think we should try this bizarre thing Man City does where you pass the football to a person wearing the same kit as yourself, seems to work.)

anirudh-suresh(曼城球迷):巧不巧的是,我们本赛季的第100个联赛进球竟然是萨巴莱塔打进的…(By some stroke of luck Pablo Zabaletta scores our 100th goal of the season.)

tattiface(未知主队球迷):曼城这联赛踢得,简直就像是玩FIFA开了简单模式一样了…(City reminds of manager mode in FIFA. Incredible stuff.)




小伙伴们大家好,欢迎来到每周的“国外也有段子手”!上周的欧洲赛场精彩看点层出不穷,利物浦和皇马均在欧冠半决赛占... [详细]


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根据法国BFM广播的报道,法国职业足球联盟(UNFP)已决定不会将法甲赛季最佳裁判的奖项颁发给此前在比赛中脚踢球员的主裁沙... [详细]


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在参加2000年的欧洲杯之前,齐达内刚刚在尤文图斯度过了一个出色的赛季。他的创造力和传球能力让人赞不绝口,尤其是他... [详细]


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